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University of Bath

The Student Accommodation Code

Our student accommodation is approved by the Universities UK Code of Practice, which aims to make sure you enjoy good quality housing while you study.

The Student Accommodation code logo.
The Student Accommodation code.

Our student accommodation must comply with the regulations set out in the Universities UK (UUK) Code of Practice for the Management of Student Housing.

The Code requires us to provide clear policies and procedures relating to:

  • antisocial behaviour
  • complaints
  • contractual responsibilities
  • environmental policy
  • health and safety
  • maintenance
  • support services

We abide by this code and are audited every three years to make sure we meet the necessary standards.

Protecting your rights

The University of Bath is committed to the Student Accommodation Code. It has been designed to make sure you receive good quality, safe university accommodation.

Helping you resolve complaints

If you've made a complaint about your accommodation that hasn't been resolved through the University's complaints procedure, the Student Accommodation Code provides you with another option.

The Student Accommodation Code gives you an opportunity to speak to an independent organisation, the Office of the Independent Adjudicator. They will review your complaint and support you through the process.

Find out how the Student Accommodation Code works for you