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Communicating your messages to students

Work with the internal communications team to share information with students via email, the website, social media, digital signs and posters on campus.

Sending an email to students

Students tell us that email is their preferred channel of communication from the University as the information is easy to read and archive. We have mailing lists for undergraduates, taught postgraduates and doctoral students. Email should be used sparingly to avoid overloading students’ inboxes.

Currently we send a 'News in Ten' email to all undergraduates and taught postgraduates, in a student update newsletter. If you'd like to include a message in there, please email Kate Evans, Student Communications Manager for access to the planning spreadsheet.

Doctoral students receive the weekly Doctoral News email. The easiest way to communicate with them is to email Kate Evans, Student Communications Manager and request that your message is included.

Social media

Using the University's social media channels is a great way to communicate with all students. We currently have official accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, as well as the Chinese platforms Weibo and WeChat.

Putting a message on social media means it can also be seen by applicants, potential future students, families of current and future students, alumni, and the wider community.

To discuss the best channel(s) for your messages, please contact Tom Mason, Social Media Manager.

Submitting an item for the Student Homepage

The Student homepage is updated every morning so students can find the latest news and updates, as well as accessing information on University policies and procedures. Since March 2020 it has also been the source of guidance for students around the University's response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you'd like a news story or update to be pinned to the Student Homepage, fill in a request via TopDesk.

Before sending your message for publishing, make sure you have read and followed all the relevant guidance:

Your item needs to be published on before we can feature it on the Student Homepage. If you are a Typecase user please publish the page on before submitting it to us. If your content has been created on an external site, such as, you simply need to create an 'external item' to create a link through to that page.

If you do not have access to Typecase to create and publish content, please contact your lead publisher to ask them to do this on your behalf.

You can also promote events on the Student homepage, if they're organised or hosted by the University. Please use Typecase to create your event page or link and use this form to request that it's pinned to the Student homepage.

Displaying your message on digital screens on campus

With over 100 screens displaying regularly updated slides and videos across the University, the OneLan digital signage system is an effective way to reinforce your messages to all students.

Find out how to create and submit effective content.

Submit your slide to be displayed on our digital signs by completing the simple form.

Displaying posters on campus

A4 poster frames are located all over the Claverton Down campus, along The Parade, outside lecture halls and at entrances to buildings. As a member of staff you are free to use these to promote to students, for example, groups that students can join or events that are happening on campus or are organised by the University.


  • place posters behind a protective cover (where available)
  • use the poster frames with consideration to others


  • cover events such as lectures or workshops which are yet to take place
  • monopolise the boards

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