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How the Press Office can help you with news and media enquiries

The Press Office works with academics, students and staff to publicise news in the press and online. We put journalists and industry in touch with our experts.

Contact details

We are the first point of contact for media enquiries.

In office hours, contact:

In an emergency, journalists can contact the on call media phone number, +44 (0)7989 717201.

Our services

We provide public relations services, communicate University news and put journalists in contact with our experts in:

  • engineering and design
  • humanities
  • social sciences
  • management
  • science

How we can help you


We can provide background information about the University to help with your story.

We can also put you in contact with academics for expert comment on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Admissions
  • Architecture
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environment and Transport
  • Health
  • Marketing and Business
  • Politics and Economics
  • Sciences
  • Social Science
  • Sport and Disability Sport
  • Technology and Web
  • News

You can also browse our latest research publications.

Academic staff

We communicate your successes to industry partners, research funders, the media and the public. This publicity can boost your reputation and lead to future funding and partnerships.

To do this we work with you to tell your news in a way that is accessible to the media and the general public.

We will write and issue press releases, social media and other materials on your behalf.

We offer media training to help you talk to the media with confidence and avoid common mistakes. This will help you publicise your news with as much impact as possible.

We manage media enquiries and arrange interviews to help promote your news. These can include TV and radio appearances.

We also work with Broadcast Revolution, a specialist broadcast PR agency providing a fresh and creative way to deliver quality coverage for customers. Services include media relations, podcast creation, video production, media training, talent sourcing and much more.

We can also offer professional support and advice if things go wrong.

Read our guide to working with the media.

Professional service staff

We communicate news and success stories to the media and public.

These can be University-level stories about league tables and Open Days, or personal stories about charity work or sporting success.

We also give guidance to staff on issues that may affect the reputation of the University, or in the case of injury to or death of members of the University community.


We communicate news and success stories to the media and public.

These can include personal stories about charity work or sporting success.

We help publicise student projects and research surveys.

Other universities

We work with you to promote a new or ongoing collaboration between our universities.

We can also provide facts and figures about Bath.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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